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Blog entry by Jeanelle Schultz

Phoenix Bankrupt 2CD Deluxe Edition 2013 FLAC Mp3 CBR 320

Phoenix Bankrupt 2CD Deluxe Edition 2013 FLAC Mp3 CBR 320

Phoenix Bankrupt 2CD Deluxe Edition 2013 FLAC Mp3 CBR 320




Phoenix Bankrupt 2CD Deluxe Edition 2013 FLAC Mp3 CBR 320

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it's finished! It's actually done!  
To give them more, I'm doing a pay-what-you-like thing.  
If you want it, I'll issue it for free with a credit on Bandcamp.  
If you pay nothing, you still get the free credit.
And if you pay more than 50 cent, you get the full version anyway.
Yes, this is the CD version.  
If you want the whole thing, you have to buy it twice.
No, I don't have a plan to eventually release it for free again.
Формат. Phoenix Bankrupt 2CD Deluxe Edition 2013 FLAC Mp3 CBR 320 Spanish Edition
Yes, it's a CD.  
But if you want it, you can download it for free.
It's not big.  
It comes as 320 kbps, and it comes in the project file format.
Go ahead and leave any comments or complaints below!  
As usual, I will release the album to UMG on Wednesday.

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As Donald Trump marches through Europe on his "charm offensive", he has been repeatedly mocked by British politicians.

Laugh it off if you want, but this is a thing that is very real - Trump's appearance as the headliner at a lavish fundraising dinner in Manchester on Tuesday night will cost the Trump Organisation $950,000 (£735,000) - or about £100,000 per minute.

No wonder he is looking to make such a splash in the UK.

But there is a serious issue here.

A US president has no business mixing it with British politics, let alone slating our prime minister.

So why is he?

The answer is simple - because the president is terrified of losing his US passport and the threat of being sent home from the USA.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Theresa May is the latest Briton to tweet about Trump's visit

Before dawn this morning the BBC was sent a leaked email from inside the White House, in which a senior aide warned of the consequences of Mr Trump losing his US passport.

The adviser wrote: "I think it's essential the President keeps his passport - so it is not used as a political tool to harm the American president."

A strong argument

Those of you who followed the Brexit campaign, will remember that the right-wing Vote Leave campaign fought a bitter battle to "take back control" from the "Brussels bureaucrats" and stop the EU using Brussels rules to restrict the power of elected governments.

It was nothing to do with migration. It was all about our right to govern our own affairs.

Brexit campaigners believed a vote to leave would empower Britain to reassert our independence.

On Tuesday, that threat was removed when Theresa May secured her third great Brexit success.

May has just swept to a landslide victory in the general election, and she secured a strong mandate to negotiate a new relationship with the EU.

But she will have to listen to the opinion of the man who kicked off that campaign - and who helped lead the Americans in Britain

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