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Formfinder Professional

Formfinder Professional

Formfinder Professional



Formfinder Professional

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Welcome to Formfinder. We have added extra data to help you make more informed choices!

Our new Terms & Conditions cover all content on the website.

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as well as share any images it finds.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy has updated its Privacy Policy. Your Privacy respects your privacy and it is our policy to protect
the privacy of our users by clearly outlining the ways we collect, use
and share information.

Information Collection

You will be asked to provide some personal information, including your name
and email address, in order to participate in this activity. You will not
be asked to provide sensitive information such as your Social Security
or credit card number.

Information Use will use your personal information to provide and improve
our services to you. We may also use your personal information to notify
you about important changes to our services, and communicate with you
about other products, services and special offers from us and our
business partners.


We may share your information with other companies within the Context. We
may share your information with other businesses in order to comply with
the law, and to complete purchases, provide services, personalize content,
and other reasons described in our policy.

We may share your personal information with other companies in order to
keep the Law in line. We will not share your personal information with
these companies without your consent.

We share demographic information about our users with advertisers or data
broker companies on an aggregated basis, and cannot link personally identifying
information to these aggregations.

If you would like to receive promotional information from us, we may
share your personal information with business partners or other third parties.

Personal information that you provide will not be shared with third
parties unless you authorize us to do so.


When you visit this web site, we may place a cookie on your hard drive.

Most browsers allow you to decline cookies or to request that you be
notified when a cookie is set.

However, if you

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